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Located to the northeast of Breezing Land, this map contains low and medium level monsters ranging from level 15-21. This map also contains the dungeon Celestial Temple.

NPC Name Location (x,y)

Ancient Ruins.png

Augustus Drizzle Slope (E12, N15)
Gloria Meteor Highland (E16, N25)
Hunter Sid Ptolemy's Cove (E08, N21)
White Meteor Highland (E15, N25)


Monster Name Location (Area (x,y)) Level
Thunder Clan Explorer Meteor Highland (E20, N27)
Star Observatory (E24, N23)
15 (Strong)
Thirsty Brown Bear Ptolemy's Cove (E08, N19) 16
Hungry Wolf Star Observatory (E19, N16) (Day only) 17
Feral Wild Wolf Star Observatory (E26, N15) (Night only) 18
Lowland Frog Ptolemy's Cove (E10, N22) 19
Mutated Daffodil Seedling Ptolemy's Hill (E13, N08) 19
Patrolling Worker Bee Drizzle Slope (E06, N12) 19
Mutated Daffodil Serenity Valley (E25, N06) 20
Cruel Hunter Star Observatory (E26, N15) (Night only) 20 (Strong)
Thunder Clan Trapper Star Observatory (E19, N16) (Day only) 20 (Strong)
Hibernating Brown Bear Use Igniter on animal remains found in:

(E22, N04)
(E21, N08)
(E12, N06)
(E07, N05)
(E05, N14)
(E02, N14)
(E02, N10)

21 (Very Strong)

Quest Name Starting NPC Level
Nocturnal Luminous Flower Gloria 15
Scroll Material Gloria 15
Sudden Invasion White 15
Broken Bridge Gloria 16
Preparing for the Rift (pt. 1) Hunter Sid 16
Zealous Scholar (pt. 1) Hunter Sid 17
Zealous Scholar (pt. 2) Augustus 17
Secret of the Temple Augustus 18
Preparing for the Rift (pt. 2) Hunter Sid 18
Ruin Invaders (pt. 1) Augustus 19
Ruin Invaders (pt. 2) Augustus 19
Slimy Silk Ribbon Gloria 19
Night Hunt Hunter Sid 20
Halted Research Augustus 21
Poisonous Bite (pt. 1) Gloria 21
Poisonous Bite (pt. 2) Augustus 21

Adjacent Areas Location
Breezing Land South
Melody Valley Southwest
??? North