Autorun by Ashes
There's that little annoying thing we all LOVE! That's autorun! In the beginning of the game, it appears as a line that curves and brings you to the NPC for your quest(s). But ya know, autorun often is bugged and brings players to the wrong locations.

Uses of autopath:
Brings you to your quest NPC.
Brings you to your quest monster.
Brings you to your selected location.

Since it very often leads you the wrong way, before you press Report or click a place on the map to head to, open your full map up. Press Report and immediately look for the green on the map. Cancel autorun and manually run to the location you saw.

Another way to auto-run a short distance to an NPC or monster is to have them highlighted (clicking the NPC from a distance or tabbing a monster) and press space bar. With an NPC it runs you over to them and opens their chat window; with a monster you run up to them and give them a good whack!

On your map, you can also click an NPC's name or a landmark and press the "Let's Go!" button and it auto-runs you there!

Production Quests:Edit

Unfortunately, autorun does not work in these quests. So take a look at Anna's Delicious guide on the forums to find out where the monsters and NPCs are.