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Located to the west of Thereall, this map houses some of the weakest creatures of the game, as well as various low level quests. Contained in this map are the dungeons, Thereall's Sewer and Phophecy Assembling Platform .

NPC Name Location (x,y)

Breezy Prairie.png

Calvin Thereall's Terrace (E12, N12)
Chuck Thereall's Terrace (E11, N12)
Cole Cole's Farm (E07, N15)
Florentine Outskirts of Thereall (E18, N11)
Hannah Outskirts of Thereall (E20, N14)
Hermes Outskirts of Thereall (E18, N20)
Secret Visitor Thereall's Terrace (E10, N11)
Sophie Thereall's Terrace (E12, N12)
Tithonus Outskirts of Thereall (E17, N19)


Monster Name Location (Area (x,y)) Level
Grassland Locust Outskirts of Thereall (E15, N16) 4
Mutated Seedling Outskirts of Thereall (E19, N16) 4
Masked Man Outskirts of Thereall (E20, N10) 5
Mutated Sprout Outskirts of Thereall (E16, N09) 5
Shadowless Hand Outskirts of Thereall (E19, N20) 6
Wolf Pup Outskirts of Thereall (E12, N16) 6
Floating Mask Thereall's Terrace (E10, N08) 8
Tattered Scarecrow Cole's Farm (E06, N14) 9
Mysterious Puppet Thereall's Terrace (E10, N03) 10
Wandering Scarecrow Sunlit Trail (E04, N23) 11 (Strong)
Wild Wolf Wolf Ear Hill (E03, N06) 12 (Strong)
Mutated Mask Cole's Ranch (E13, N25) 14
Feral Werewolf Wolf Ear Hill (E03, N06) 15 (Strong)
Mysterious Clown Cole's Ranch (E19, N24)
Thereall's Terrace (E19, N04)

Quest Name Starting NPC Level
Harvest Festival Hannah 4
Careless Mistake (pt. 1) Hermes 5
Careless Mistake (pt. 2) Hermes 5
Wolf Worries Hannah 5
Ancient Prophecy Florentine 12
Dark Circus Calvin 12
Forgotten Lunch Hannah 12
Mysteries of Life Florentine 12
Secret Treasure (pt. 1) Cole 12
Secret Treasure (pt. 2) Cole 12
Slacking Scarecrows Cole 12
Aphrodite's Secret (pt. 1) Hannah 15
Haunted Farm Cole 15
Seed Money Cole 15
Borrowed Light (pt. 3) Hermes 23

Adjacent Areas Location
Thereall City of Peace East
Hercules Hill Southeast/Notheast
Ancient Ruins North
Golden Apple Hill Southwest