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The character creation is a highly customizable system where your zodiac and future advancement and enjoyability are determined by your birthday. In this section, you can input your character's name, birthday, blood-type, and gender. The character model can be customized with various different colored hair and eye styles. Upon entering your birthday, the system will automatically determine your zodiac and the stars and infomation about the zodiac will be displayed in the background and on the side. It will also ask you to input the password for the character. After your character is successfully created, you will be placed into the world starting at the Astral Village.

Here is a preview of the options (Hairstyles, Faces and Colors) available at character creation:

Male Faces[]


Female Faces[]


Male Hairstyles[]


Female Hairstyles[]


Hair Colors[]


Images courtesy of Kotone from the official english Lucent Heart forums. Names will be updated as they are translated.