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Goddess Theia[]

Goddess Theia

The goddess who bears the “Lucent Heart,” which is a source of incredible power that Theia must fight to keep controlled. An inspiration to gods and humans alike, she fights to restore peace to the world of Acadia and to heal her vengeful twin sister, Cadena. It is said that Hercules loved Theia so entirely, he sacrificed his life to help her seal away the dark goddess and the twins' mother, Hecate, to save humanity

“The light of one heart may be faint, but together, they are blinding…”

                                                                       – Goddess Theia

Dark Goddess Cadena[]

Dark Goddess Cadena

Theia’s twin. The dark goddess, Hecate, nurtured Cadena’s jealousy towards her sister into blinding hatred. With Hecate sealed away, Cadena seeks to resurrect the dark goddess and to destroy that which her sister holds most dear – humanity. Cadena periodically strikes at the land with devastating “Rifts'' but Theia is determined to restore her sister and bring eternal peace to Acadia.

“I am a harbinger of the eternal night…" 

                                                       – Dark Goddess Cadena