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The Gunner is one of two class paths available for a Warrior in Lucent Heart.
As a marksman in training your focus will be keeping your enemies at range while you burst away at
their health with your deadly critical shots. Gunners have a variety of skills, from skills that deal additional damage, cripple your enemies, or put them to sleep to butting your opponents with the end of your rifle for invading your personal space. They are ideal for players who enjoy ranged combat with guns as opposed to spells.

A Gunner later chooses to become Nova Sentinel or Comet Marksman.

Active Skills[]

Icon Name Description
Bullseye.png Bullseye This attack takes time to cast and will fire at its target dealing high damage. Note: If an enemy gets repositioned, your cast may get interrupted. Does not cost MP.
Stun Shot.png Stun Shot This attack has a minimum range and cannot be used point blank. It takes a moment to cast and will stun the target as well as deal damage.
Shooting Posture.png Hunting Stance This will greatly lower your movement speed in exchange for increasing your critical hit chance and accuracy.
Stock Strike.png Stock Strike A melee attack that will quickly deal damage and stun the target.
Stagger Shot.png Stagger Shot A quick ranged attack that will deal minor damage and slow. It has a minimum range therefore cannot be used point-blank.
Limb Locker.png Limb-Locker A quick attack that will deal damage and lock the target in place preventing movement.
Scatter Shot.png Scatter Shot This will strike 2-3 targets simultaneously (Based on rank of skill, consumes 2-3 bullets).
Tranquilizer.png Tranquilizer A quick attack that will put a target to sleep for 9-12 seconds (Based on rank of skill). Any damage done will interrupt the effect.

Passive Skills[]

Icon Name Description
Trigger Discipline - Passive.png Trigger Discipline Enables you to equip rifle, hunting rifle and other firearms.
Deadeye - Passive.png Deadeye Increases your Attack Speed by 15%, Accuracy by 7.5% and Critical Hit Damage by 25% with a firearm.