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Located around Thereall, this map houses low level creatures ranging from level 5-16. Many low level quests from the NPCs in Thereall are done in this map.

NPC Name Location (x,y)

Hercules Hill.png

Albert Outskirts of North Gate (E18, N11)
Bobby Outskirts of North Gate (E19, N11)
Diana Fountain of Vows (E22, N07)
Nymph Fountain of Vows (E27, N07)


Monster Name Location (Area (x,y)) Level
Honey Bee Outskirts of North Gate (E14, N04) 5
Prowling Wolf Outskirts of South Gate (E15, N26) 7
Moonlight Frog Fountain of Vows (E20, N09) 8
Golden Corn Old Farm (E18, N14) 8 (Strong)
Busy Bee Old Farm (E19, N20) 9
Fierce Werewolf Wicked Wolf Slope (E21, N23) 10 (Strong)
Thunder Clan Giant Outskirts of North Gate (E26, N03) 10 (Strong)
Cave Frog Cave of Carvings (E27, N09) 11
Razor-Toothed Wild Wolf Cave of Carvings (E28, N20/E27, N10) 13
Wolf Pack Leader Wicked Wolf Slope (E21, N25) 13 (Very Strong)
Bear Cub Wicked Wolf Slope (E26, N25) 14
Sleepy Bear Cub Use an Igniter on animal remains found in:
(E25, N28)
(E26, N28)
(E23, N19)
(E24, N12)
14 (Strong)
Thunder Clan Wanderer Cave of Carvings (E27, N17) 16 (Strong)

Quest Name Starting NPC Level
Disease Carrier Diana 8
Ancient Remedy (pt. 1) Diana 10
Ancient Remedy (pt. 2) Diana 11
Neat and Tidy Nymph Nymph 11
Calligraphy Brush Diana 14
Medicinal Claws Diana 14
Knight's Courage Albert 14
Froggy Thieves Diana 21
Unrequited Love Albert 21
Sheep and Sacred Water (pt. 3) Diana 24
Sheep and Sacred Water (pt. 6) Diana 24

Adjacent Areas Location
Thereall City of Peace Southeast/Northeast
Breezing Land Southeast/Northeast
Hammer of Zeus South