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Veteran Gunners who sacrifice the highest amount of damage for the most group utility become Nova Sentinels. A Nova Sentinel can designate targets for group members to focus on to increase the critical strike chance against that enemy. They also select ranged teammates and increase their accuracy and critical strike chance. Nova Sentinels come fully equipped with their own unique personal abilities that make them dangerous on the battefield.

Active Skills[]

Icon Name Description
Bullseye.png Bullseye This attack takes time to cast and will fire at its target dealing high damage. Note: If an enemy gets repositioned, your cast may get interrupted. Does not cost MP.
Stun Shot.png Stun Shot This attack has a minimum range and cannot be used point blank. It takes a moment to cast and will stun the target as well as deal damage.
Shooting Posture.png Hunting Stance This will greatly lower your movement speed in exchange for increasing your critical hit chance and accuracy.
Stock Strike.png Stock Strike A melee attack that will quickly deal damage and stun the target.
Stagger Shot.png Stagger Shot A quick ranged attack that will deal minor damage and slow. It has a minimum range therefore cannot be used point-blank.
Limb Locker.png Limb-Locker A quick attack that will deal damage and lock the target in place preventing movement.
Scatter Shot.png Scatter Shot This will strike 2-3 targets simultaneously (Based on rank of skill, consumes 2-3 bullets).
Flash Bang Grenade Throws a flash bang grenade that disorients 3 targets.
Rallying Cry Lifts status of fear, stunned, disoriented, hypnotized or awestruck for all teammates.
Blitz Orders all teammates to charge together increasing their movement speed and Melee attack speed.
Tactical Retreat Orders all teammates to retreat increasing Movement Speed and Physical Agility, while reducing Accuracy.
Spotter Increases teammates Shooting Accuracy, Magic and Firearm Critical Hit Chance.
Focus Fire Marks an enemy for your teammates to focus fire on.
Melee Specialist Increases a teammates block rate and Average Melee Atack per Second.
Firearm Specialist Increases a teammates Accuracy and Average Atack per Second.
Caster Specialist Increases a casters spellpower.
Deadly Aim Inreased target range with high damage and ignores the target's armor.
Rapid Fire Orders teammates to fire rapidly to increase Shooting Speed of firearm weapons and increase Casting Speed
March Formation Increases Movement speed while reducing Physical Agility and Physical Critical Hit Defense.
Attack Formation Increases Physical Attack Accuracy and Critical Hit Chance.
Defense Formation Reduces Movement Speed and Physical Damage taken.
Tranquilizer.png Tranquilizer A quick attack that will put a target to sleep for 9-12 seconds (Based on rank of skill). Any damage done will interrupt the effect.