Level 1-11 Tailoring MaterialsEdit


Product List

Sale Price
0518-142020 - Copy (2) Animal Pelt 4
0518-142020 - Copy (3) Leather 32
0518-142020 - Copy (4) Small Piece of Fabric 4
0518-142020 - Copy (5) Large Piece of Fabric 32
Thick Leather
Aged Leather
Though Leather
Magically Strengthened Leather
Composite Cloth
Composite Cloth Roll
Magic Cloth
Magic Cloth Roll
Coarse Yarn
Yarn Roll
Magic Yarn
Magic Yarn Roll
Silver Chain
Golden Chain
Crystal Chain
Pentacle Cloth
Exquisite Pentacle Cloth
Magical pentacle Cloth
First repair element
Second " "
Third " "
Fourth " "
Fifth " "
Sixth " "
Blessed Cloth Roll (purple)
Moon Leather (purple)
Essence Leather (purple)

Tailoring Armor Sets Edit

Set Name - Craft Materials Needed Edit

Apprentice Mage Set - lvl 5 (blue)

Cloth hat - x6 small piece of fabric, x5 fur, x2 bass crystal fragments

Robe - x16 small fabric, x14 fur, x4 bass cryst frags

Gloves - x4 small fab, x4 fur, x1 bass cryst frag

Boots - x6 small fab, x2 fur, x1 bass cryst frag

Mage Set - lvl 10 (blue)

Hat - x5 large piece of fabric, x4 yarn, x2 bass crystals, x5 second element

Robe - x20 lrg pce fabric, x13 yarn, x1 bass cryst, x9 sec elem

gloves - x4 lrg pce fab, x3 yarn, x1 bass cryst, x3 sec ele

Boots - x4 lrg pce fab, x3 yarn, x1 bass cryst, x3 sec ele

Curuda's pants

Color: Purple, Level: 40, Class: mage divisions

Craft materials needed: x3 Prayer cloth roll, x1 prayer sheet, x18 Magic yarn, x7 Magnificent decorative jewelery, x8 5th element.

Stats: Def: 223, Range Def: 253, Con+7, Perc+9, Int+14, Spi+3, Dura:46/46

Forest Leather Clothes - lvl 50 Top (purple)

Class: Warrior, Gunner Divisions, Phantom Warlock

Craft Materials: x5 blessed leather, x1 ball of phytoncide, x20 magic cloth roll, x9 magic softening agent, x11, x11 sixth elements

Stats: Def: 511, Range Def: 637, Con+17, Dex+18, Perc+10, Spi+7 Dura: 57/57

Forest Leather Boots - lvl 50 (purple)

Class: same as above

Craft Materials: x5 blessed Leather, x1 ball of phytoncide, x8 magic yarn roll, x6 Magic softening agent, x5 sixth element.

Stats: Def: 255, Range def: 318, Con+18, Dex+16, Perc+7, Spi+11 Dura: 28/28

Life Cape - lvl 57 (purple)

Class: any

Craft Materials: x21 bloody gravel, x29 blood stained cloth, x14 silver crystal ring, x9 iron insignia, x60 sixth element

Stats: Con+13, Perc+10, Int+23, Spi+13, Fire def+304, Earth Def+304, Dura:45/45