This is a multi part quest. All steps to completing it will be mentioned in this page, however each qualifies as one separate quest in the game.

General InformationEdit

Objective: Talk to, in this order:

  • [Robert]
  • [Naomi] (part 1)
  • [Thomas] (part 2)
  • [Joseph] (part 3)
  • [Kari] (part 4)
  • [Grant] (part 5)

NPC for Completing the Quest: Grant

Quest TextEdit

Part 1 [Robert]
"There's so much to show you, I don't know where to begin!

[Thereall] is a fairly large city, so you'll want to make 
use of the teleportation service. It's run by four sisters -- one 
at each plaza.

Since you're new, you should try to meet some of the other 
residents here. Let me introduce you to my friend, [Naomi]. 
You'll find her at the [Peace Tower]"
Part 2 [Naomi]
"It's lucky you've arived now and not a few years earlier. 
The last Rift destroyed most of the northern section of town... 
But thanks to everyone`s hard work, it's almost fully restored!

*sigh* I don't understand how the Dark Goddess Cadena can derive 
such pleasure out of destruction. Thank goodness for the Hercules 
Knight Regiment! The Knights risk their lives to help keep us all 

You should introduce yourself to [Thomas], the Knight Regiment's 
Commander. He's in the center of [Peace Tower]."


Icon Item Name
Currency 10 Gold